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Drop-Shipping vs Holding Stock

Dropshipping is basically a method of distribution, that involves ordering a product from a supplier and sending it straight to a customer.

We generally do not dropship any of our products besides just Flow and Race design. We keep dropshipping to bare minimum and here’s why:  

There are many reasons why this is not our main form of distribution. As alot of errors tend to arise, shipment times are unpredictable (and take ages)

You may receive your ordered goods in different packages over different days that are labelled by different companies with different tracking numbers.

Causes confusion, sometimes tracking numbers are mixed up with different locations and products. 

Inviting possibility of more errors due to ordering incorrect goods from supplier or supplier making an error

For you to understand this term we’ve provided an example below: 

Imagine shopping online for Woolworths groceries:

and getting an Aldi whole chicken on Monday,

Tuesday you get a 2L Coles milk

and Wednesday IGA yoghurt

and to top it off 10 digit tracking numbers all shipped from the above locations. 

You see things can get very complicated… real quick.

We hold stock for most our products and we preferably do NOT dropship as we take into account that customers want their parts on time and no fuss.

Next time you purchase parts make sure you properly understand the distribution method and delivery times to ensure a stress free transaction.