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VGA XL™ Spoiler Installation Instructions

Product usage and disclosure statement:

Please note if you are not handy or are not confident at your skills please contact us so we can book you in at your closest installer. Please see our terms and conditions under product usage on our website before proceeding. 


VGA XL™ Spoiler Installation Instructions:

  1. On every spoiler we ship out we have already applied 3M double-sided body mounting tape. It’s designed to hold more than 20kgs of force and it is all that is required to properly install it onto your vehicle. Refer to image 1.
  2. Once you have removed the spoiler from the packaging make sure to clean the OEM spoiler. Ensuring that it is free from debris or dirt. Any debris or dirt will prevent it from sticking properly onto the vehicle.
  3. Once the vehicle is cleaned and ready for installation simply remove the 3M tape on the spoiler.
  4. Carefully and lightly align the spoiler onto the vehicle ensuring the underside fitment is straight and clear. Don’t allow it to completely attach onto the vehicle yet as you will have to adjust it to the correct fitment. Refer to image 2.
  5. Check that both sides are equal to ensure that it is exactly mounted in the center of the vehicle. 
  6. You should allow 2-3mm of clearance from the gap which allows you to open the boot freely. To make sure this process is completed properly you will need assistance from another person. When you open the boot slowly you should allow it to clear in a flush manner. You can keep opening and closing the boot carefully to check that it is the correct location. 
  7. When you have adjusted the spoiler in the correct spot press firmly and hold for 30 seconds to one minute. It would be ideal to leave something heavy on the spoiler overnight to allow the 3M to bind properly onto the vehicle. Once you have installed the spoiler properly it should open freely and be very secure. Refer to image 3. 

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