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034 Motorsport - Audi B8 S4 ECU Tuning - Stage 1 & 2 Tunes + DL501 DSG Tuning


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034 Motorsport lead the world for Audi B8 S4 ECU & DSG tuning. As a company favourite car, a huge amount of work has gone into this platform with 14 files ready for you to flash at home. The quality of the ECU and DSG files are second to none. There is simply no superior choice than 034 for this platform!

Stock: 332 HP / 430 NM
Stage 1: 438 HP / 507 NM (98 RON) +106 BHP & 105 NM
Stage 2: 455 HP / 527 NM (98 RON) +123 BHP & 123 NM
Stage 2+ E40: 540 HP / 665 NM +208 BHP & 235 NM
DSG: DL501 DSG tuning

Stage 1 requires no modifications, but we do recommend a DL501 DSG tune.

* please note our software prices are very competitive, but we can also offer package price deals for software and hardware combinations.


The Dynamic+ End User Flash Kit allows customers to install ECU & DSG software upgrades themselves, from the comfort of their own driveway. Receive and install software updates and revisions, flash back to stock, or upgrade to the next stage of performance software from your vehicle's OBD2 port. This ECU flashing process is quick and easy, no technical skills are required.

D+ Flashing Cable

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Dynamic+ End User Flashing Kit


034 Motorsport Stage 1 Performance Software safely increases horsepower and torque with no hardware modifications required. 034 Motorsport's proprietary calibrations increase boost by controlling the supercharger bypass, while optimizing timing and fuelling maps to extract additional power from the 3.0 TFSI engine.

Stage 1 Performance Software features a higher redline of 7,200 RPM, resulting in a broader powerband and greater peak horsepower figures. In addition the in-house software engineers spent a significant amount of time refining throttle mapping in Dynamic and Comfort modes. Stage 1 Performance Software also enables left foot braking, which allows for further control of the vehicle when driving on track.

We recommend DL501 DSG tune with stage 1.

034 MOTORSPORT - AUDI S4 B8 STAGE 2 (Pulley upgrade)

034 Motorsport Stage 2 Performance Software further increases horsepower and torque with the addition of 034Motorsport's 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Pulley Upgrade. The Supercharger Pulley Upgrade allows for increased boost pressure from the factory Eaton TVS1320 Supercharger throughout the powerband.

Stage 2 requirements

Stage 2 is a simple and cost effective upgrade path.

034 MOTORSPORT - AUDI S4 B8 STAGE 2+ (double pulley upgrade)

034 Motorsport Stage 2+ Performance Software is engineered to further increase horsepower and torque output with the addition of 179 or 190mm crank Pulley in addition to supercharger pulley.

Stage 2+ Performance Software features a higher redline of 7,400 RPM, resulting in a broader powerband and greater peak horsepower figures.

Stage 2+ is available for 95, 98, 104 and E40 fuels.

We recommend DL501 DSG tune with stage 2+.

*please note you will need catalytic converter modifications at this stage