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BFI Heavy Weight Shift Knob SCHWARZ - Air Leather (DSG - VW/Audi)

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      Until now options were limited to OEM and other less than ideal choices for those with DSG / S-tronic / Tiptronic / Automatic cars. Fortunately with BFI's proprietary design you can ditch your stock shifter and switch to a more traditional style knob.
      To disengage the lockout, you simply lift up, rather than pressing the trigger - and yes, these shift knobs works with both side & front triggers! Installation is straightforward and takes only a short while.

      BFI DSG / S-tronic / Tiptronic / Automatic shift knobs are currently compatible will all MK4 through MK7 VW and B5 through B8 Audi models. However, early automatic models that do not use a shift boot (ex MK4 or B5) may not look aesthetically pleasing because the entire adapter is exposed. Later models with a shift boot will cover the lower part of the adapter that holds the set screws and trigger mechanism.


      • One GS2 shift knob
      • One BFI crest logo coin
      • One DSG / S-Tronic / Tiptronic / Automatic shift adapter
      • Four set screws
      • Allen key for set screws
        ES#: 3022035