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Southbend Clutch - Stage 3 Daily Clutch Kit - With Steel Flywheel MK7/7.5 GTI/R


Product availability:

  • Ships from ECS facility within the US in 1-2 business days.
  • Average shipping and processing times take about 2-4 weeks.

      This clutch package is designed for high HP vehicles desiring a start performance similar to O.E. The pressure plate is Race Engineered (SS) and SFI approved with significant load increase over stage 1,2 pressure plates (+600-800 lbs.). Expect a pedal effort increase of 20%-25%. Discs are assembled with heat-treated wear resistant hubs; drive plates and springs for high load transfer and dependable operation. The sprung centers on the disc in conjunction with the marcel fin between the linings create a dual dampening effect that simulates O.E. start performance. A Performance Organic friction material with a high metal content increases torque and RPM capability and maintains low operating temperatures which reduces wear and glazing.

      Stage 3 Daily Clutch Kits:

      • Recommended usages are daily, spirited street and occasional track
      • Conservatively rated to hold 470lbs/ft of torque
      • Featuring a sprung-hub center section for use with a single-mass flywheel
      • Includes steel single mass flywheel

      Please note: Price is exclusive of custom duty import taxes. Payable by customer on product arrival.