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MTS Technik

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MTS Technik is a suspension company based in Poland. They have been designing and producing sports suspensions since 2005.

They come from the tuning scene as evidenced by the numerous projects that they have built over the years. Shipping goods to over 200 countries around the world and have a distribution network in nearly 100 countries.

MTS Technik is based on three pillars: product reliability, affordable price, comprehensive offer. MTS Technik coilover suspensions are manufactured in Poland, which has been officially confirmed by the German certification body TÜV / KBA.

Car height adjustment

With a threaded surface, MTS Technik sets allow to change the height of the car according to the preferences of the user.


Golden zinc coat

Improved corrosion protection of the steel surface in the form of "golden" zinc coat and black anodizing of aluminium elements.

Eibach springs

Most of MTS Technik coilover sets include springs designed and made by the prestigious German company Eibach. As leading producer, for over 60 years Eibach makes springs for cars like Bugatti Veyron, F1, NASCAR, WRC. They offer balanced characteristics, only the highest quality steel, and the smallest production tolerances in the industry, along with the best corrosion protection and extraordinary durability - these are the features that Eibach also shares with MTS Technik coilover sets.

hexaCOIL spring perch

An Innovative design of the spring perch results in stopping the problem of halting. This spring perch, offered in most sets has been subjected to over 2 years of testing and research, to ensure trouble-free and safe use.

Comfort Series

The Comfort series suspension allows you to adjust the lowering of the car and improve driving, while maintaining the greatest possible comfort.

Street Series

The Street series suspension is the default configuration of MTS Technik engineers, it guarantees a wide range of lowering and a balance between comfort and stiffness.

Sport Series

The Sport series suspension is an offer for lovers of significant lowering and stiffer characteristics, a set dedicated to demanding drivers.

Damping characteristics

The characteristics of MTS Technik shock absorbers have been configured so that they perform optimally in each of the three available configurations. It is a result of numbers of laboratory and road tests, preceded by a series of calculations made by our engineers. The main goal of such optimisation was to eliminate the need of changing the shock absorbers while changing one series to another.

Strict inspection

All components of MTS Technik coilover suspensions are subjected to thorough laboratory and road tests.

Camber top mounts / sway bar links

Making sure of the assembly comfort in selected references, where necessary, the sets include sway bar links and / or camber plates to adjust wheel angles.

PUR bump stops

A guarantee of extended lifespan compared to those made of rubber.


MTS Technik coilover suspensions are covered by a 2-year warranty with no mileage limit.


Evolution 2 - the latest generation of MTS Technik top mounts

When designing the new, improved upper mounts, we were inspired by the slogan “Daily stance - basic motorsport”. We wanted the product to have sports features (increased stiffness, new uniball bearing, angle adjustment) while minimizing the nuisance in everyday use (spring cap with ball bearings) and high aesthetics required by showcar event cars (aesthetic black-gold).


The top mounts have different functions depending on the application. The exact list of functions for a specific applications can be found in the product card. Below, we describe each of them, their benefits and use.
Function: Description: Advantage: Application:
Camber adjustment Adjusting the angle of inclination of the wheels relative to the ground. A greater lean angle makes better use of the tire traction in the corner. For example, in most BMW applications it is possible to achieve even -2.5 degrees of inclination. Adjusting this angle also allows for precise alignment of the wheel with the fender edge. -motorsport
- stance
- daily
Caster adjustment Adjustment of the lead angle of the kingpin. This is an important parameter in motorsport, especially in rear-wheel drive (RWD) cars. Responsible for a steering wheel that self centers to the middle position more willingly. Increases the stability of the front axle at high speeds. Importantly, it also influences the dynamic change of the camber angle in a turn, which further improves traction. The advance angle can be increased to 30 minutes (0.5 degrees). -motorsport
Polyurethane Replaces factory rubber with stiffer polyurethane. In some applications (e.g. rear for BMW E30, E36, E46), they replace the factory-made rubber with polyurethane, which guarantees greater stiffness and improves steering precision. -motorsport
- stance
- daily
Additional lowering It allows you to additionally lower the car because it is lower than the original pillow. Allows for an even greater lowering than the factory coilover range. - stance
Required for mounting a coilover suspension In some coilover suspensions, it is an essential element for proper assembly. Correct installation of the coilover suspension. -motorsport
- stance
- daily


35% larger Uniball bearing (compared to Evolution 1)

The upper shock absorber mounting is the suspension element exposed to the greatest overload. The reinforced Uniball bearing, which is the core of MTS Technik cambers, is prepared for this. Designed from scratch by MTS Technik, the bearing manufactured according to our guidelines has been subjected to a series of endurance tests at the Naval Academy in Gdynia. Their longevity is ensured by the materials used. The center of the bearing is made from chrome-plated bearing steel, while its outer part is made of stainless steel. Smooth operation of the entire structure is ensured by the PTFE insert, which additionally dampens the sounds generated during the operation of individual parts of the bearing. Our new Uniball bearing has an inner diameter of 18mm, an outer diameter of 35mm, and a height of 22mm. Consequently, it is 35% larger than the previous generation of bearings, making them one of the largest in the market.

Precise setting of camber and caster angles

A significant lowering of the car may be associated with a change in the value of the angle of the wheels relative to the ground. With the MTS Technik camber plates we can reduce or deepen this effect, which gives us great flexibility of use. Many of the MTS Technik camber plates also have the ability to adjust the caster - the steering angle of the steering knuckle. This option is especially useful when setting up the suspension for motorsport.

Complementing the usability of coilover suspensions

MTS Technik top mounts complement coilover suspension use. For many users, lowering alone is not enough. For full steering precision and adjustment of the wheel to the wheel arch line, you need to adjust the angle of the wheels to correct steering geometry. This essential adjustment is possible using the MTS Technik top mounts. Their design also allows them to be used with suspension from other manufacturers.