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We're more than just an automotive brand, but we're a collective pool of different people and automotive businesses who share a common interest in the modified VW/AUDI scene in Australia. Our products have been tested, revised and re-deveoped over the years with only one purpose; to modify your VAG. We operate in a complete digital format and we're always looking for ways to connect, share and grow as a brand operating in different parts in Australia. We started back in early 2019 and have delivered over tons in product within Australian and around the world. 
Before each part is sent out we check for minor defects (very common). Even if your part has the most minor defect we contact our own manufacturer.
Good vibes are our selling point, we deliver 'good vibes' through car parts. We ensure that every purchase leads to a happy outcome. 
Money can't buy happiness but it can buy car parts and that's pretty close to happiness. [Are we right?... or are we right?]
By 'good vibes' we mean a quality controlled product, superb branding, fast delivery rates, accompanied by excellence.
We do it because we all share a common interest in modifying cars and want to deliver that to you with ease. Aftermarket parts are tricky and difficult to work with, stock that arrives in Australia includes custom import taxes and products are often of varying quality. We take the losses so our customers don't have to.
We've been developing our products and building relationships with businesses and suppliers in Australia and around the globe, to deliver you high-quality aftermarket parts at the best prices. We do it because we make 'modding your ride' a fun and easy experience rather than a headache. 
All in all, 'we do it' because we aim to deliver your modified part accompanied by excellence.
   VGA Team