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ECS Tuning Electronically Controlled Exhaust Cutout


Product availability:

  • Ships from ECS facility within the US in 1-2 business days.
  • Average shipping and processing times take about 2 weeks.

If you've been shopping for a free-flowing, louder exhaust system to enhance power and sound but are concerned about all the drawbacks, the ECS Vacuum-Actuated Exhaust Cutout is the perfect solution to have it all! 

Keep your original, peaceful exhaust system for comfortable, daily driving, then press the switch "of your choice" for a FULL RACE exhaust system to increase horsepower, torque and sound! Experience the fun of driving with our exhaust cutout from the moment you hit the switch! You'll have head's turning every time you open the valve. 

Designed and engineered by our in-house Engineering Team, we spec'd out a unique vacuum-actuated exhaust valve for it's integrity and durable operation. Rather than using an electronic valve, our pneumatic actuator is less prone to failures and other corresponding issues that plague electronic-driven exhaust valves.  

Choose your switch style between our Universal Key Fob Remote Switch (which can also be programmed to your HomeLink buttons, if equipped) or Universal Rocker Switch for convenient placement wherever desired. 



  • Exhaust Cutout and the included Exhaust Clamps are T304 Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance 

  • No welding required, can be installed in your driveway using basic tools (grinder w/ cutoff, sawzall or hand-held exhaust pipe cutter along with standard socket/wrench set)

  • Compact design, requires very little space, and exhibits excellent flow characteristics

  • Turn down tip provides a clean appearance, great sound and keeps exhaust soot directed towards the ground

  • Requires only ~8in/Hg of manifold vacuum to open exhaust valve

    • Vacuum actuated, requires post-throttle body intake manifold vacuum source for activation

  • No loss in ground clearance (dependant on install placement)



  • Each Exhaust Cutout Kit includes the following:
    • ECS Tuning Exhaust Cutout (Choose left side or right side exit)
      • Vacuum-Actuated Exhaust Cutout Y-pipe, with actuator and valve 
      • Exhaust Clamps - QTY 2
    • Installation Kit (Choose your activation switch)
      • Vacuum Solenoid (2mm nipple)
      • Brass Tee Fitting (2mm nipple)
      • Vacuum Check Valve (2mm nipple)
      • Silicone Vacuum Hose (2mm ID x 16.5' length)



  • By eliminating major restrictions in your exhaust system and allowing your engine to breath with greater ease your engine will develop more power with a wide open exhaust note to go with it!



  • Our R&D Team tested multiple designs on several vehicles to ensure only the highest quality Exhaust Valve is delivered to you. With tens of thousands of combined miles in all driving conditions, including harsh winters with salty environments, we can confidently provide you with a durable, performance solution. 

  • These ECS Cutouts were designed, engineered, tested and quality inspected by our Research and Development team in our Wadsworth, Ohio facility. We strive for the highest level of precision and quality through leading edge product development technology including FARO laser scanning for reverse engineering and quality inspection, SolidWorks 3D CAD modelling and rigorous long term product testing.



  • Be sure to check your local laws and regulations before purchasing this exhaust cutout. This is intended for off-road use only!

  • REQUIREMENT: Post-throttle body intake manifold vacuum source needed to activate exhaust valve. You will need to tap into an external vacuum source or purchase of a boost/vacuum tap, depending on engine configuration. 

  • With our compact design only 12.5" of straight tubing and approximately 9" of available width is needed for intended installation. Flared ends allow for ease of install and minor mishaps for cut length. Can be installed in your driveway using basic tools like our Schwaben hand-held exhaust pipe cutter - ES3106581.

  • Please measure the outside diameter of the exhaust tubing at the intended installed location. Our cutout slips over the exhaust pipe for a clamp on installation. 

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