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8J0919051E - Audi 8J TTRS Fuel Pump 2010-2014 - EA113 Stage 3 Upgrade


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8J0919051E - Audi 8J TTRS Fuel Pump 2010-2014 - EA113 stage 3 upgrade.

Genuine Volkswagen / Audi product.

Genuine Audi 8J TTRS replacement low pressure fuel pump, includes fuel gauge sending unit. Also fits 8J TTS.

This can be used as a stage 3 low pressure fuel pump upgrade for EA113 motors for example going stage 3 K04 on MK5 GTI or stage 3 on Volkswagen Golf MK6R or Audi S3 8P (EA113). You might need a fuel pump controller depending on fuel requirements and turbo size.

Equivalents: 8J0919051A, 8J0919051D

Applications: Audi TTRS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2010-2014

Audi 8J TTRS Quattro 2.5T
Audi TTS MK2 (2006-2013) 2.0T


SKU: 8J0919051E