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APR Carbon Fibre Intake System - 2.5 TFSI MK3 TT RS/RS3


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    Adding the optional APR Intake Filter completely transforms the APR Turbocharger Inlet System from subtle to extreme. Our massive 9" long cotton filter with frontal opening connects to a 6" carbon fiber inlet tube that gradually necks down to the 4" back tube. You will hear every ounce of the 5-cylinder turbocharger system's massive demand for airflow, and you'll do so at a 60% CFM improvement over stock! This was only possible with an open filter system as the airflow demands called for an unboxed design. Simply put, this is the best intake system on the market for satisfying uncompromisingly demanding airflow requirements.
    • Pleated Cotton Gauze Filter
    • Washable Filter
    • Massive 9" filter with a frontal opening and a 6" outlet
    • Gorgeous Carbon Fiber tubing
    • Massive 6" Inlet that organically necks down to 4"
    • Integrated PCV and DV Bungs
    • Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
    • Direct fit to the APR Turbocharger Inlet System
    • Please note, this system requires the APR Turbocharger Inlet System

      SKU: CI100038-A