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APR Pex Open Intake System - Polo (AW) GTI

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    APR Pex Open Intake System - Polo (AW) GTI

    The APR Open Intake System is here for the 2.0T EA888.3/3B engine found in the Volkswagen MK6 Polo GTI (Typ AW) and Audi MK2 A1 (Typ GB)! The system also fits most 1.8T / 2.0T EA888.3 / 3B / 4 / 4B engines found in most MQB, MQB EVO, and MQB Ax platform vehicles making it a perfect low cost option for nearly any setup!

    The APR Open Intake System features a straight through filter design with minimal twists and bends for maximum flow and minimal pressure drop. Our proprietary washable and reusable cotton gauze high flow filter flows 22% more than stock at various depressions, registers less pressure drop at each depression, has 20% more surface area compared to stock, and uses a filter substrate material proven on other APR intake systems proven to provide the necessary filtration to last a lifetime.

    The filter's unique design allows for air to be fed from the front and sides of the filter with minimal restriction due to its shape and size. The outlet of the filter is massive, registering in at 127mm (5"), which has a cross sectional area 260% larger than the stock tube! Air velocity is accelerated through the system as it smoothly transitions to the factory back tube where the system either connects directly to the factory MAF housing, or to our back tube adapter, depending on engine. In either scenario, the transition is simple and clean for a perfect fit while promoting maximum flow.

    The heatshield and inlet pipe is made from a glass filled polypropylene material that acts as an excellent heat deflection barrier to minimize inlet temps compared to no shield at all. The airbox is fed with fresh air from the frontal inlet ducting, rather than the surrounding engine bay, or radiator, keeping the system constantly fed with cool incoming air to satisfy the turbochargers needs under even the most demanding situations. The system literally installs in minutes too as it simply pops into place on the factory mounting pegs! And thanks to the open design, you'll hear the engine and turbocharger putting in work to make maximum power!


    • Open Airbox Design
    • Washable and reusable high-flow pleated cotton gauze filter
    • 20% larger than stock filter with frontal inlet and 127mm (5”) outlet
    • 127mm (5”) filter transition is 260% larger than stock
    • Filter outlet stack increases air velocity to maximize flow
    • Filter flows 22% more than stock
    • Minimal twists and bends further maximizes flow
    • Lower pressure drop than stock
    • Less strain on factory components compared to stock
    • Better throttle and turbo response compared to stock
    • Straight through design with no sharp or harsh bends and restrictions
    • Airbox design captures frontal inlet air and reduces suction from engine bay and radiator
    • Enhanced engine and turbocharger sounds
    • Simple and easy install
    • Supports both MAF and non-MAF engines
    • Designed specifically for the Polo GTI / Audi A1
    • Fits most MQB, MQB EVO, and MQB Ax platform vehicles
    • Fits most 1.8T / 2.0T EA888.3 / 3B / 4 / 4B engines
    • TUV approved for the target platform and emissions friendly VIA APR Germany

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