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Carbon Fibre Style Replacement Mirror Covers Scirocco


Product availability: 

  • This product is in stock at our Australian storage facility. We despatch same or next business day. 

    Our quality control parameters. 

    When purchasing aftermarket parts, scratches, swirl marks and paint chips are very common due to poor product handling and distribution methods.

    We can guarantee that the parts we ship out are of premium quality due to our unique method of distribution, packaging and handling.

    Carbon Fibre Style Replacement Mirror Covers Scirocco

    • Complete replacement Carbon Fibre style mirror covers
    • Material: ABS
    • Paint finish: Carbon Fibre Hydrodipped
    • Scratch and swirl mark free
    • Comes with complete housing for correct fitment, easy install that can be completed by any modding enthusiast with minimal experience.  

    Installation Guide:

    • Please note if you are not experienced or handy with parts you should contact us so we can book you in a preferred installer.
    • The first step of installing mirror covers will involve the removal of the side mirror panel. In order to do this safely, make sure your hands are protected. Press firmly and gently on the inside part of the mirror panel this will shift its position facing inwards. With a pry tool gently pry under the mirror evenly once removed. 
    • Next step is to remove the wire connections that provide the heat to the mirrors. 
    • Simply, push clips from inside out. Your mirror cover should pop out. 
    • Position the new mirror cover laterally and insert clips within the original entrance point, press firmly until its completely inserted.

    Compatible with the following vehicles: 

    • Volkswagen Scirocco PFL & FL