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OBDeleven V2 Ultimate Pack | Next Generation - VAG/BMW Diagnostic Tool


Product availability: 

  • Inventory on order - ETA 1 week.
Includes 12-month ULTIMATE Plan and UNLIMITED One-Click applications! (Some PRO features in development for iOS).
This is compatible for both Android and IOS. Once connected with the device and phone your ULTIMATE plan will activate. 

Next-generation OBDeleven device is a smart diagnostic tool for understanding and improving your vehicle. Cloud-based automotive diagnostics software for iOS and Android operating systems can fully access your car, read, clear, share faults, monitor, program and activate various comfort functions.

The easy-to-use intelligent automotive diagnostic OBDeleven NextGen device allows you to scan your car for any faults and read or clear any trouble codes, as well as customize your vehicle with One-Click Apps. These pre-made coding applications can change your driving experience with a single click on your smartphone.

Officially licensed by the Volkswagen Group (VAG) and the BMW Group, the device allows every driver to make changes to their BMW Group and Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles.

Main Features - VAG:

  • Manufacturer level Diagnostics
  • Clear faults/trouble codes
  • One-Click Apps (pre-made car customizations)
  • SFD unlocked (also supports newest Volkswagen group vehicles)
  • Live Data
  • Output test

Main Features - BMW / MINI:

  • Manufacturer level Diagnostics
  • Clear faults/trouble codes
  • One-Click Apps (pre-made car customizations)
  • Control units information


Basic Features - VAG:

  • One-Click applications
  • Automatically identify vehicle from VIN
  • Read / clear trouble codes from all control units
  • Read information about control unit
  • Share diagnostic data log via email
  • Observe battery status
  • Log connected cars history
  • Engine, Equipment and fault code lookup
  • Advanced control unit information
  • Live data  
  • Charts (in development for iOS)
  • Gauges (in development for iOS)
  • Sub control units information
  • Control unit reset (UDS) 
  • Security access
  • Login finder (in development for iOS)
  • Diagnostic service change
  • Car backup and programming history 


PRO Features - VAG (With included 12-month subscription):

  • Coding / Long coding
  • Coding II (in development for iOS)
  • Sub control units coding
  • Gateway installation list 
  • Diagnostic service change
  • Control unit reset (UDS) 
  • Login finder (Android only)
  • Security access (Android only)
  • Adaptation / Long adaptation
  • Trouble code Freeze frame
  • Basic settings
  • Gateway auto code (Android only)
  • Live data labels (in development for Android)
  • Control unit backup (Android only)
  • EEPROM (Android only)


One-Click Apps:

One-Click Apps are functions for daily users and don't require any additional knowledge about vehicle programming. More than 700 different apps are available for various vehicles. Even with the PRO version, apps require credits to be purchased in order to use. One-Click App compatibility varies by vehicle.

  • Perform Service Functions (Oil Service Reset, Electronic Parking Brake Service, etc.)
  • Adjust Exterior Lights (Daytime Running Lights, Cornering Lights, etc.)
  • Control Comfort System Settings (Door Locks, Comfort Window Closing/Opening, etc.)
  • Activate Functions After Retrofits (LED License Plate Lights, Washer Fluid Level Sensor, etc.)
  • Activate Cool Visual Features (Needle Sweep, Optical Parking System, etc.)
  • Add More Features (Lap Timer, Multimedia Engineering Menu, etc.)
  • Disable Unwanted Functions (Soundaktor, Seatbelt Warning, etc.)