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CTS Turbo - Atmospheric Blow-off Valve Spacer (2.0T TSI) MK5/MK6 GTI

Product availability:
  • Inventory on order - ETA 29th November

This Atmospheric Blow-off Valve Spacer from CTS Turbo is designed to fit any 2.0T EA113, EA888.1, EA888.2 FSI/TFSI/TSI engines; excluding 2013.5+ MQB or EA888.3 models. 

The spacer is a pressure release system that can be used with the stock diverter valve to vent extra boost air into the atmosphere instead of sending it back into the engine's intake piping. 

The CTS spacer is a great solution for open air venting, without converting over to a full blow-off valve.  Run it with or without software, not worrying about a check engine light. Works best with Revision D factory diverter valve.

*WILL NOT FIT MQB platform or EA888.3 vehicles.