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do88 - Audi RS3 8V / TTRS 8S Charge pipe Kit


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    do88 - Audi RS3 8V / TTRS 8S Charge pipe Kit

    This kit includes all pipes and hoses to and from the intercooler. The kit is designed to complement and further improve the performance of the do88 Performance Intercooler, featuring a Garrett core rated for power outputs up to 1000hp. The OEM charge pipes are not optimal from an airflow standpoint, with several narrow, tight, flow-reducing bends. The do88 pipe kit is significantly bigger with smooth transitions, offering a 31 % increase of airflow!

    The kit features a large 70mm (2 ¾") aluminum pipe on the hot side from the turbo to the intercooler. This pipe does not have the restrictive, flat design found between the engine and the inner wheelhouse on the OEM pipe. It is painted in a discrete, matte black powder coat for a sleek appearance and long-lasting protection.

    On the cold side, our system removes two potential leak points. The cast aluminum charge pipe stretches all the way from the intercooler outlet, all the way to the throttle body. The pipe has a huge 86mm hose connection to the intercooler compared to the OE piece of 64mm. This connection matches the inner diameter of the do88 Performance Intercooler of 80 mm, for a smooth transition. The pipe also has two CNC-machined 1/8 NPT connections, perfect for methanol injection or outtake for a boost pressure sensor.

    All hoses included are reinforced with 4 layers, guaranteeing they will cope with high boost pressures and temperatures. The hoses have a stepped inside at the pipe connections for a smooth transition between hose and pipe, which effectively reduce turbulence for the airflow. The kit is rounded off with strong, quality hose clamps for a secure and leak-free assembly.

    We sell this kit in two versions depending on which intercooler you have on your car. One version has hoses adapted for the OE size intercooler connections (70mm). The other version comes with hoses adapted to match the do88 Performance Intercooler (ICM-420) with larger hose connections (80mm).


    • Better airflow and reduced backpressure for your engine.
    • 31% more flow than OEM, with 638 CFM @ 150mbar (2.17psi) compared to the OEM, 440 CFM.
    • Mandrel-bent 70mm (2 ¾") charge pipe, turbo to intercooler, coated in a stylish black powder coat.
    • Cast aluminum charge pipe that runs all the way between the intercooler outlet to the throttle body. The pipe is significantly larger than the OEM piece, with beautifully sweeping transitions. It also eliminates two potential leak points.
    • Two CNC-machined 1/8 NPT connections, perfect for methanol injection or outlets for example boost pressure sensors.
    • Special-designed hoses that can handle high boost pressures and temperatures.
    • Special-designed silicone hose for the BOV valve.
    • High-quality hose clamps.
    • Compatible with 2019+ cars with the included adapter for the BOV recirculation.
    • Comes complete with all necessary installation accessories.

    In short, the do88 system is the optimal charge pipe upgrade for your car! It outperforms the OEM kit with better airflow and added reliability, and will be sufficient for all further tuning, no matter the output goals!