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MTS Technik - Street Coilover Kit Skoda Superb MK3 Wagon AWD


Product availability:

  • Ships from MTS facility within Poland in 1-2 business days.
  • Average shipping and processing times take about 1.5 weeks via UPS Express.

          MTS Technik - Street Coilover Kit Skoda Superb MK3 Wagon AWD

          Coilover Kit MTS Technik for Skoda Superb III, lowering the front axle between 35 - 65 mm, and rear between 25 - 75 mm. Dedicated for the years of: 03/15 -, for the engine version: 1.4TSI 4x4 / 2.0TSI 4x4 / 2.0TDI 4x4.

          2 years warranty High quality confirmed by a 2-year warranty without a mileage limit.

          High quality Suspension components characterized by increased corrosion resistance and made of the highest quality materials.

          Twin-tube construction The use of twin-tube technology guarantees stable shock absorber performance.

          Gas technology Pressurized gas presses the hydraulic fluid, eliminating the "foaming" effect of the oil (an undesirable and typical for oil shock absorbers phenomenon), which means higher efficiency for continuous, intensive work.

          Specially selected type of thread Specially selected type of thread and a wide range of suspension adjustment allows optimal setting of the car height.

          hexaCOIL adjustable spring perch Innovative hexaCOIL spring perch, significantly increasing the comfort of suspension height adjustment.

          Anti-corrosion protection yellow galvanized Adjustable Shock Absorbers protected by a double layer of gold zinc and adjustments made of anodized aluminum guaranteeing increased corrosion resistance.

          Eibach springs Coilover springs made by Eibach, the world leader in the sport springs industry

          Superb III
          1.4TSI 4x4 / 2.0TSI 4x4 / 2.0TDI 4x4
          03/15 -
          Series: street
          Max. Axle Load FA:
          1061 - 1200 kg
          Max. Axle Load RA:
          1250 kg
          Lowering FA:
          35 - 65 mm
          Lowering RA:
          25 - 75 mm
          TUV Certificate:
          Download instruction: download instruction
          Download installation manual: download installation manual
          Download TUV Certificate: download tuv certificate