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OBDeleven Phone Holder


Product availability:

  • Ships from ECS facility within the US in 1-2 business days.
  • Average shipping and processing times take about 2-4 weeks.

OBDeleven Phone Holder

  • Fits any type of vent blade: features two slits of different widths to hold on tight no matter the air vent blade’s thickness.
  • Easy to rotate and adjust thanks to its magnetic attachment method
  • 3 ways to mount: 3M adhesive metal plate can be attached directly to the back of your device, on the inner side of the phone case, or onto the back of most rugged cases.
  • Clips tightly on most air vents: Firmly attaches onto both vertical and horizontal air vent blades.
  • Widely compatible design: integrated magnet keeps smartphones of different sizes and shapes securely attached by the included metal plate mount.