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P3 - Plug-in Analog Boost Sensor


Product availability:

  • Ships from P3 facility within the US in 1-2 business days.
  • Average shipping and processing times are 1 - 2 weeks. 

      P3 - Plug-in Analog Boost Sensor

      The P3 gauge reads information from the OBD-II port, so unless your vehicle came with forced induction from the factory it's not going to read boost. Luckilly this little add-on will solve that problem, giving the gauge the ability to read PSI.

      Just connect a line from your boost reference to the sensor and connect the opposing end to the gauge and you are good to go.

      Optional external 80psi analog boost sensor:

      • No wiring required, plugs directly into main harness
      • 5/32" barbed fitting for boost reference
      • Not affected by tunes or modifications

      *Does not include tubing or boost tap - Analog, V2, and V3 gauges only

      SKU: P3BST100