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ZIZA H7 Premium LED Conversion Foglight Kit & Canbus Decoders - VW MK5/MK6/MK7 | Audi A3 8P | B8/8.5 A5/A5 | Q5/Q7 | TTS


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    Vehicles that require a retaining bracket to lock into headlight may require modifications or adapters.

    Updating your headlight bulbs is both a visual upgrade and improvement to your safety on the road with ZiZa Premium LED Conversion Kits for your headlights or fog lights.

    LED headlight and fog light conversions have become quite popular as technology has improved and costs have dropped, making LEDs an economical and brilliant upgrade for any vehicle. 

    Our ZiZa LED Kits offer significant benefits over Halogen and Xenon counterparts:

    • No ‘warm-up’ time. Instant high-output light is produced by LEDs, making them ready to illuminate the road immediately
    • Low-power operation. LEDs inherently require less power to generate a brighter light. Light-Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are favored for their compact size and brightness without the power strain associated with Halogen or even Xenon bulbs, making LEDs a much longer-lived option.
    • Cooler looks. With a 6000K color temperature, these LEDs produce a cool, white light. No yellowy appearance like Halogen, nor blue tint notorious to Xenon. Just sleek, cool, white light for a classy and distinguished night time illumination. 
    • Direct fit replacement. With the small chip size of our ZiZa LED Conversions, these are direct fits in place of traditional bulbs to be used in projector or reflector style housings.
    • Heat management. Built-in fans help reduce and disperse heat effectively so you don’t need to worry about your headlights overheating, which is a common problem in LED conversions that do not include heat management. 
    • Complete package. The ZiZa LED Conversion Kit includes everything you need to plug-in and install your LED headlights for the easiest solution for replacements or upgrades to your headlights or fog lights in most vehicles.


    • Color: 6000K
    • Chips: Lumileds LUXEON Z ES (6 per bulb)
    • Intensity: 2250 Lumens (per bulb)
    • Power: 30W (per bulb)
    • Includes a pair of Can-Bus Decoders for error-free operation


    • On-car photos show LED bulbs installed in the fog light position in order to illustrate color comparison to halogen, factory LED daytime-running lights, and factory xenon headlights. The bulb type in these photos may not be the same as that in this listing.
    • Vehicles that require a retaining bracket to lock into headlight may require modifications or adapters.

    SKU: ES#4146785