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ZIZA Smoked LED Switch Activated Sequential Indicators - Audi B8/8.5 A4/A5 S4/S5 | A3 8P | 8U Q3

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    Sequential turn signals are a great way to set your car apart and increase your visibility to others. Instead of the entire turn signal lighting up all at once, sequential turn signals light up progressively towards the outside of the vehicle. These units from Ziza feature smoked lenses and installation is plug and play with no coding necessary. Due to the design of the lens and where the LEDs are located, the small window on the rear edge of the mirror will no longer allow light to pass through so the turn signals will not be visible from inside the vehicle. 

    These turn signals feature a switch so you can decide between standard blinking (ON / "|" position) or dynamic blinking (OFF / "O" position)

    SKU: 000050LA06-01