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Best Mods for a Daily Driven Volkswagen MK7 or MK7.5 GTI for Looks and Performance.

Best Mods for a Daily Driven Volkswagen MK7 or MK7.5 GTI for Looks and Performance.

Is the Volkswagen Golf MK7.5 GTI the most popular hot hatch in 2022?

In this blog we're going to be talking about one of the most popular chosen hot hatches to modify within Australia in 2022. Without a doubt, it's the Volkswagen Golf MK7.5 GTI. You might be asking, 'Why this hot hatch is becoming the most popular option to go with nowadays?'. Well, with the MK8 GTI retailing for over $65 000 and the MK6 as already a 12 year old car. This leaves young gear heads the main option when wanting to modify on the Volkswagen platform. You can pick one of these up, second hand and in great condition for just $35 000 or less.

The MK7.5 GTI is a bang for buck option with endless capabilities of cosmetic and performance upgrades. Perfect, if you're looking at getting into the euro car scene in Australia.  

The engine of the MK7.5 GTI is a 4 cylinder 2 litre turbo pushing 169kw at the crank and 350nm of torque just out of factory. These hot hatches can be tuned and modified to push just about 300kw. That's a-lot for a hatch!

To join the bandwagon, we purchased a stock and untampered MK7.5 GTI recently as a R&D vehicle. We have tested and driven the hot hatch in all types of conditions and terrains for almost 6 months and needless to say they are such a great car with limitless capabilities. We personally prefer the GTI over the R as it feels like the driver is driving the car rather than the car driving you. Being a FWD it's great fun, forcing the driver to utilize their driving skills in spirited drives as it is more unpredictable compared to the R.

What are cosmetic and performance upgrades?

Cosmetic upgrades are basically just upgrades that improve the overall appearance of the car. The most popular cosmetic upgrades you can get include : lowering springs, new wheels, blacked out badges, spoilers, aftermarket mirror covers, lighting upgrades, splitter kits - the list goes on. 

Performance upgrades are upgrades that improve the overall performance of the vehicle, increasing power and torque output. The most popular options of upgrading performance output are: performance tuning, cold air intake, turbo upgrades, turbo inlet and outlet upgrades, exhaust upgrades and more.

Most popular cosmetic/performance upgrades.

Let's talk about two of the most popular upgrades in 2022. Being our blacked out aftermarket VW badges and EIBACH lowering springs. 

Having your badges blacked out really adds that aggressive touch to the VW. It's almost becoming a symbol of speech to 5.0L mustangs as 'hey watch out, this VW is modified.' On white vehicles it changes the whole look of the vehicle, and on darker coloured ones it looks like the 'blackout package'. You can grab a set here, takes minutes to install and they fit great. The set is specifically for the MK7 platforms without sensors in the front badges. If you have a MK7.5 GTI you can purchase the rear badge and grab an inlay for the front. 

Next, lowering your VW will change your grocery getter into a hot hatch. Let's face it. Lowered cars look so much better than hatches that look like they're about to climb a mountain trail, plus you get a bonus +10 for cool points. Eibach pro-kit lowering springs are an awesome choice if your car is a daily driver. Dropping about 25-35mm F/R is enough to change the ride dramatically. If you're looking for a lower drop we also stock Sportline kits for more serious car enthusiasts. Lowering springs also help the vehicle's centre of gravity. Improving this factor helps cornering and launching, reducing 'squat' - (when the rear of the vehicle literally squats before take off, common in RWD and AWD).

These are just two simple upgrades, but the mod list just goes on! If you've read up to here, thanks for reading. Our content team will be releasing weekly blogs and car news to keep you informed and updated with the most trending up-to-date news.

We will see you in the next one! 

VAG Garage Australia Team 

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