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What does VAG mean?
VAG [Acronym] - Volkswagen Auto Group is the umbrella term for all vehicle makes under the Volkswagen group including Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, and Bentley and no we don't stock lambo parts...
How long have you guys been operating for?
We've been operating since the start of 2019 (nearly 2 years now). We've shipped over 350+ orders and 750+ parts (care packages) to happy customers in Australia and around the globe. 
Where do you guys ship your products from?
We ship primarily from our headquarters based in Sydney. Flow design products are shipped from Flow in Melbourne. Race Design products are shipped from Poland. 
Do you guys offer pickup?
No we don't offer pickup for products, all our products are shipped in a cool box straight to your front doorstep. Unboxing is fun right?
Do you guys ship Internationally?
Yes we do, however we prefer handling all international shipments through our emailing system at
How many businesses and people are associated with VGA?
There are approximately 10 businesses and/or people associated with our brand and are still growing up to date!
Do you guys make your own products?
No we don't manufacture any products in Australia, we operate as a supplier, all our stock listed on our website is Australian stock except for Race Designs EU aerokits.
What's the quality like of your products?
We have been working with manufacturers for almost 2 years now to only continuously innovate and develop re-existing product lines, we bring you products that are of great quality at reasonable pricing. 
How is the fitment like for your spoilers? 
All our aftermarket spoilers provide good fitment once installed correctly. For Carbon Fibre spoilers we definitely recommend sourcing your local body workshop that will help you out with the install if you need a hand. All our Carbon Fibre spoilers are malleable and change shape once heated with a heat gun to offer better fitment. All our MK7 Fibreglass spoilers provide great --> perfect fitment.
Are you guys a Flow Designs dealer?
Yes we sure are, we have been working with FD from the very start and is one of their most reputable dealers. If you would like better pricing don't be afraid to ask to see what's the best price we can offer you. 
Are you guys a Race Designs EU dealer?
Yes, we are the only Race Designs Dealer in Australia. Due to import and custom fees we are able to deliver your international products to your front doorstep. 
Do you guys offer installation services or have a physical shop?
No we don't have a shop front and/or workshop, we do not offer installation services. We operate in a complete digital platform through website, emailing and social media in our headquarters in Sydney. 
How would I install the parts, once I get them?
We encourage all our customers to involve themselves in modifying their own car as it's a fun process! Start learning off Youtube or online forums. If you don't think you're capable then take it to your local workshop who have experience for professional installation. 
Are your products drop-shipped?
Large bulky aero kits are shipped from our suppliers upon request from us. The products are stored at our aero-kit suppliers locations. Flow Designs in Melbourne and Race Designs EU in Poland respectively. We work with these aerokit companies to deliver you the products and valuable information at the same time. Other than aero-kits we DO NOT drop-ship products. 
I had trouble installing my part, is it a faulty unit?
If you don't think you're capable then take it to your local workshop who have experience for professional installation. If you believe the unit is faulty make sure to check out our contact us page for a resolution. 
Do you offer exchanges and/or refunds?
Yes we do, depending on the circumstances we rarely disregard refunds. We ensure that every purchase leads to a happy outcome. We don't offer exchanges and/or refunds for change of mind but if you think your part may be faulty or was damaged during transport shoot over an email and we'll take care of you. 
Where can I track my order?
Check out the 'Track My Order' tab under the Home menu. 
I still haven't received my part...
Send us over an email an we'll help you out at
I've changed my mind and would like to send my part back.
Shoot over an email and we'll help!
I have an automotive business and would like to work with you guys.
Make sure to check out our 'WORK WITH US' page. We specialize in networking and expanding your business bringing you more customers through digital platform development and social media platform networking. 
Do you guys offer sponsorships?
We currently are not accepting any more ambassadors, but yes we do offer 'sponsorships'. Ambassadors receive new products/ freebies once in a while and some benefits.
Who are your Ambassadors?
We have 4 core Ambassadors. Check out their social media pages!
Zac -
Joseph - @Just_a_volkswagen
Peter - @R4tedr.mk7
Emily - @Emilysmk7.r
Do you guys have Instagram and/or a Facebook page?
Yes we do our IG is @VAG_GARAGE_AU, FB is VAG GARAGE AUSTRALIA. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page and you'll see a handle. 
I'm happy with my products and service! where can I leave some good feedback?
We're glad we've done our job correctly, make sure to share the part on your car to have it featured! Like our social media pages and leave a review on our FB page or send us a DM on IG!