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CTS TURBO 8V/8V.5 RS3 & TTRS 2.5T Evo Direct Fit Intercooler


Product availability: 

  • Not currently in stock. Backorders only available.

**Comes with tubular crash bar to fit Australian spec cars**


CTS Turbo is proud to announce our Direct fit FMIC for the 8V RS3/TTRS 2.5T EVO.

The OEM intercooler delivers underwhelming performance, this platform benefits greatly from an intercooler upgrade. Vehicles at stock boost levels, and especially on tuned cars will all see a large improvement over the factory equipped hardware.

This giant intercooler core is 42% larger than stock and meets our extensive quality control and pressure testing (up to 50psi). Cast aluminum end tanks attach to factory hoses seamlessly to ensure a boost-leak free fit that results in increased horsepower and torque.

Stock FMIC size: 6.3 tall x 25.3 wide x 3.2 thick = 510.05 in3

CTS FMIC size: 10.4 tall x 24 wide x 3.5 thick = 873.60 in3


    • Efficient bar and plate construction
    • Internal air-directing fins provide smooth flow and minimize pressure drop
    • Low pressure drop, high air flow
    • Designed using the latest 3D scanning technology
    • Complete replacement for restrictive factory part
    • Rated for power levels in excess of 700HP
    • Cast aluminum end tanks results in superior flow
  • 2015+ RS3 8V (PFL) & RS3 8V.5 FL
  • 2018+ TTRS