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CTS Turbo - K04 Turbocharger Upgrade For FSI And TSI GEN1 Engines (EA113 AND EA888.1)


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            CTS Turbo is proud to announce an official release of our new K04 Upgrade for 2.0T FSI/TSI  Transverse Engines.

            Our engineers designed the compressor cover and exhaust housing to work with the larger K04 CHRA, exactly how intended. While other manufacturers simply install a larger K04 CHRA into a small factory-spec housing.

            Beware of these hybrid builds, they are not made to provide optimal flow for the larger turbine wheel and can lead to poor performance and premature failure.

            High-quality castings are CNC machined to replace your factory turbocharger and do not require any additional parts to be installed. All you need to run this K04 2.0T FSI/TSI  Transverse Turbocharger Upgrade is a tune for your ECU and a performance downpipe.

            This kit is by far the best ‘bang for the buck’ modification available for VW and Audi enthusiasts with the 2.0T FSI and 2.0T TSI engine. With proper tuning and supporting mods, this turbo will support 350HP/360TQ!


            • CTS-spec K04 CHRA with heavy-duty thrust bearings
            • Billet compressor wheel (MFS – machined from solid)
            • K04-specific compressor and turbine housing. NOT A HYBRID!
            • OEM+ manufacturing tolerances
            • VSR high-speed balanced
            • Direct-fit factory replacement
            • OEM installation kit included
            • Compatible with any K04-specific tune
            • Compatible with factory turbo outlet pipe (both FSI and TSI). Not compatible with aftermarket stock turbo outlet pipes
            ROW vehicles, please confirm fitment with your CTS Turbo dealer.

            Additional parts required:

            • K04-specific software tuning
            • CTS Turbo or other performance downpipe

            Additional parts recommended:

            • CTS Turbo Cold Air Intake
            • CTS Turbo Direct-Fit Intercooler Kit
            • CTS Turbo High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe (EA888 only)
            • S3 Fuel Injectors and HPFP upgrade (EA113 engines only)

            SKU: CTS-TR-1050