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ECS Tuning - MK6 GTI/Golf R Front Mount Intercooler Kit - For OEM Charge Pipes



Product availability:

  • Ships from ECS facility within the US in 1-2 business days.
  • Average shipping and processing times take about 2-4 weeks.

The ECS Tuning Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) Kit boosts power and lowers intercooler outlet temps by maximizing core volume and more efficiently dispelling heat over the OEM sandwich-mounted intercooler. The factory intercooler is positioned between two hot heat exchangers, the A/C Condenser and Radiator, and suffers from an undersized and underperforming core from the factory. Upgrading the OE-location intercooler is difficult for most hobbyists and is hidden within the core support. An alternative choice is our In-House Designed and Engineered FMIC Kit which relocates the charge cooler front and center, right behind your front bumper cover for maximum available airflow while moving it away from the hot heat exchangers inside the engine bay, all while adding an aggressive appearance to your turbocharged VW! 

Our design features high quality cast aluminum end tanks with an integral flow divider on the inlet for even flow distribution, a large 23 ⅝” x 6 ½” x 3.0” (460.69 in.³ volume) aluminum bar and plate core for maximum heat dissipation, bolt-on powder-coated steel brackets, which require absolutely NO drilling or cutting, and 5-ply pre-molded silicone couplers with T-Bolt hose clamps. Our intercooler was in-house engineered to provide a bolt-on cooling solution for the VW MK6 GTI and MK6 Golf R market. Through our in-house evaluation on a K04-equipped MK6 GTI, we measured a maximum increase of +9 WHP @ 5,525 RPM and +10 WTQ @ 5,220 RPM along with an increase of 9% in cooling efficiency and 66° F. lower intercooler outlet temperatures after 3 consecutive dyno pulls. 


  • 3D CAD designed to allow the largest intercooler possible without permanent modifications (no cutting or drilling) 

  • Aluminum Straight Vane Bar and Plate Core -  23 ⅝” x 6 ½” x 3.0” (460.69 in.³ volume)

  • Cast Aluminum End Tanks with smooth flowing internal inlet and outlet flow-paths 

    • Cast 2.50" barbed connections keep hoses secured and minimizes the risk of hoses blowing off

    • Internal flow divider on intercooler inlet for even flow distribution between the intercooler core 

    • End tanks are tig welded to the intercooler core and the complete assembly is pressure tested to 3.5 BAR at 0% leak down to ensure sealing capacity

    • Cast mounting features supply our bracketry with a rigid mounting point 


  • Our unique design to mount the intercooler makes this kit truly remarkable! By bolting our brackets to the lower crash beam bolts, absolutely no drilling into your core support or drilling into your beam are required! Simply remove your lower crash beam bolts to install our brackets. The beam does NOT need to be removed. 

  • Made from rigid ⅛” thick steel then powder-coated wrinkle-black for corrosion protection 

  • Pre-installed zinc-plated rivet nuts make for a simple bolt-on solution to our intercooler with our included stainless steel bolts and washers 

  • A pre-welded tab on the driver's side bracket maintains a mounting point for the ambient air temperature sensor  


  • Pre-molded and held to tight tolerances to achieve the best flow possible while navigating the tight areas within the MK6's front end 

  • Made from heavy-duty, 5-ply fiberglass reinforced silicone for burst resistance. Capable of handling 250° F. operating temperatures and over 45 PSI.  

  • Smooth internal passageways and smooth bends keep airflow at peak for the greatest level of performance 


  • Front Mount Intercooler

  • Direct-Fit Mounting Bracket Kit with Mounting Hardware

  • Silicone Couplers with T-Bolt Hose Clamps 

  • CNC-Machined Turbo Outlet Pipe Adapter 


Dyno tested on our In-House Mustang Dyno on a development 2011 MK6 GTI 2.0T 6 speed manual, comparing OEM GTI intercooler to ECS FMIC. Please see our documented results under the INSTALLATION Tab for more information. 

Vehicle Modifications: K04 Turbo, E-Tuned, 3.0" Turbo-Back Exhaust, ECS Luft-Technik Intake, ECS Charge Pipes 

  • +9 WHP @ 5,525 RPM and +10 WTQ @ 5,220 RPM

  • 15° Fahrenheit lower intercooler outlet temperature drop over 3 consecutive dyno pulls

  • 66° Fahrenheit lower intercooler temperature rise over 3 consecutive dyno pulls

  •  +24% more efficient at 6,500 RPM (+9% at mid-range RPM, ~4,000 RPM)

  • 0.4 PSI greater pressure drop at 6,500 RPM*

    • *Decrease in overall core volume from stock results in a slight pressure drop over stock, but allowing cooler air to be directed through the core


  • Our ECS Front Mount Intercooler Kit was designed, engineered, tested and quality inspected by our Research and Development team in our Wadsworth, Ohio facility. We strive for the highest level of precision and quality through leading-edge product development technology including FARO laser scanning for reverse engineering and quality inspection, SolidWorks 3D CAD modeling, rapid prototyping utilizing our in-house 3D printer, and rigorous long term product testing. 


  • Looking for installation tips? Look no further, we put together a full installation tutorial from start to finish including how to remove your front bumper cover in detail! See our Installation PDF under the INSTALLATION Tab for more information. No cutting, drilling or any other permanent modifications are required for intended fitment.